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Established in 1998, ARTEFERRO has begun its way of manufacturing windows and doors from iron, in a special and unique way using a new iron profile, produced only in Switzerland.

Throughout the years, the company, based in Israel. Has grown to over 2500 different projects in Israel, and around the world.

ARTEFERRO has shipped its Taylor-designed products to England, Australia, and the USA.

ARTEFERRO is working closely with the top Israeli architects and Interior designers, developing and inventing new looks for the private homeowners,  the well-known building companies as well as high-end companies such as MICROSOFT, FACEBOOK, VIA, and others, who chose ARTEFERRO to be producing their unique and designed steel products for them.

ARTEFERRO is the leading company in Israel best known for her top quality, extra-ordinary designs, her ability to manufacture, in the most delicate way (all handmade) the most complicated and revolutionary products, made for the home, or the office, by steel.

ARTEFERRO today manufactures and installs windows, doors, Vitrines, entrance doors, gates, balustrades, pergolas, settings, and for the last 3 years has expanded her line of products to one-of-a-kind furniture, lighting fixtures, and other accomplishing products for the home, the office, and the garden.

ARTEFERRO is known to be one of the top leaders for manufacturing and installing specially designed partitions, combining steel with other materials such as glass and wood to create beautiful and functional partition walls for various companies, who the design and look of the working space areas are of high importance to them.

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